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What do diabetes and feet have to do with one another? Plenty. People with diabetes are more susceptible to foot problems, which can turn into serious complications if left untreated. It is important to prevent such issues before they occur, learn to recognize them early, and seek appropriate diabetic foot care in order to keep your lower limbs safe and healthy.

Facts about Diabetic Feet

Diabetes often results in nerve damage to your feet, known as peripheral neuropathy. Because of this, you may not be able to feel your feet or sense if something is wrong. You might be completely unaware that your shoes are rubbing, or that you have an abrasion that could lead to a dangerous infection.

In addition, normal sweat and oil production is impaired in those with diabetes. This can result in unwanted pressure on your skin and bones when walking or participating in other activities. In turn, harmful sores can develop and become infected. Because diabetes can decrease your ability to fight off infection, it is extremely important to incorporate diabetic foot care into your daily routine.

Reduce your Risk

There are several risk factors that increase your chances of complications, but many you can actually avoid. Believe it or not, one of the biggest culprits of diabetic foot complications are poorly-fitting shoes. Footwear that is too tight can rub against your feet, causing blisters, calluses, corns, and painful sores. Switch to comfortable shoes that fit properly. Achilles Custom Orthotics and Footcare can even provide you with prescription shoes as well as custom orthotics to further protect your feet. These are also beneficial if you have a common foot abnormality like flat feet, hammertoes, or bunions.

Other ways to prevent problems include never going barefoot, managing your glucose levels, not smoking, and adhering to a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise program. It is also highly important to inspect your feet on a daily basis. Look for any signs of redness, swelling, or abrasions. If you find a wound, treat it immediately, cover it with a bandage, and seek professional help. Catching problems as early as possible is key to avoiding infection.

Lastly, practice good hygiene. Keep your feet clean by washing with mild soap and thoroughly drying them, especially between your toes where fungus can grow. Keep your socks clean, too, and change them every day. Trim nails regularly, and encourage blood flow by putting your feet up when you sit and trying not to cross your legs for long periods of time. Poor glucose level control can harm your circulatory system, so do what you can to promote and increase good blood flow in your legs and feet.

Take Steps Now to Avoid Problems Later

Make diabetic foot care a top priority. With daily care and inspections, proper shoes, and regular visits to your chiropodist, you can live with diabetes safely and enjoy healthy days ahead. For more information, contact Achilles Custom Orthotics and Footcare in Cambridge Ontario. Ask about prescription shoes and inserts and other available treatments. Chiropodist Douglas Broad is happy to help. Call (519) 624-4122 for an appointment or visit us online today.

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