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Shoe Inserts You Can Count On

Our society is constantly customizing the world around them. From the apps we add on our smartphones to the way we check out at the grocery store, options are everywhere. In some areas, however, we don’t question the little amount of choice we have. For example, we buy the same generic shoe inserts from the drug store instead of purchasing custom orthotics that will cushion our step, adjust our alignment, and put an end to foot pain.

What’s the Big Deal with Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom-made inserts that a doctor designs specifically for your foot. Through various diagnostics like foot scans, gait analysis, and custom measurements, your podiatrist will prescribe a pair that will get rid of your pain. A functional orthotic, crafted from a more rigid material like plastic, will correct irregular foot motion and treat shin splints and tendinitis. An accommodative orthotic is made of softer material that will cushion problems like diabetic foot ulcers or high arches.

These supports are designed to treat conditions as well as prevent them. People who suffer from heel pain, tendonitis, bursitis, excessive pronation, and ankle problems would greatly benefit from a specially-made device. Others use orthotics by slipping them inside their running shoes, ice skates, or dress shoes to ward off looming problems that could develop without proper alignment.

The ready-made support devices that you see in the drug store are called shoe inserts. They differ from custom orthotics in the fact that they don’t accommodate the specific design of your foot, and although they’re less expensive, they don’t last very long. Before purchasing a shoe insert from a store, contemplate the reasons you want to buy them, and more importantly, the condition of your feet.

Do you need them for a prolonged period of time or just for a quick fix? They may be good for correcting small discomforts like calluses, or temporarily protecting your feet in a high-heeled shoe for a night out. When paired with stretching and exercise, they could prolong you from getting a foot problem. However, if you have mild or moderate developing pain, you should visit Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare in Cambridge, ON.

We Care About Customization

The exact kind of orthotic you need will be determined by your symptoms, causes for pain, and foot type. We have a laser and contact scanner in-house to take an exact replica of your foot and formulate a structure for you. We might go through a few more tests in our office to ensure the treatment that best fits your needs. You can expect us to have you stand in a stationary position while we examine the natural resting position of your foot. We might also have you walk around so we can see how you distribute weight on your heels, arches, and toes.

Gain a new perspective and make a choice to get custom orthotics that will end your pressure and pain—for good. Call Chiropodist Douglas Broad of Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare in Cambridge, Ontario at (519) 624-4122. If you want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, we post daily information on podiatric topics like heel pain, orthotics, and foot care tips.

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