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    You may roll your eyes when you read the title of this post because if you are athletic or simply struggle with tight muscles, you know that you need to stretch before and/or after exercise. You may even feel like you are a very diligent stretcher. However, if you are like many people out there, you probably rarely stretch the small muscles and tendons of the foot.  This week we will try to provide some insight into why stretching is important and how your tight foot muscles could be causing pain elsewhere in the body.

Let's talk about the hip!

    We hear time and time again in our office from patients with "bad hips". Many of these patients come in with foot pain that they believe is completely unrelated to their hips. However, the reality  is, more often than not, their foot pain is in fact connected to their hip pain. In fact, we often find that treatment of the identified foot problem often results in the added benefit of hip pain relief. Why might foot pain cause hip pain you ask? Well, the simplest answer is that often, when we have a sore foot, we end up subconsciously altering our gait for pain relief, which may inadvertently place added pressure on the other joints of the body, which are forced to compensate for the changes to our gait.  The foot problem itself can originate from a variety of sources such as overuse of muscles, plantar fasciitis, or underlying systemic conditions such as arthritis.

How to Prevent Hip Problems Through Foot Stretching

    A major source of foot pain is overuse injuries, and these often affect soft tissues (muscles and ligaments). The benefit of this is that one effective approach to protecting the muscles of the foot is very simple: stretch the feet on a regular basis. This can aid in both injury prevention, and this may result in prevention of compensation by other parts of the body. Overall, some simple foot stretching can end up saving you from quite a lot of pain! Of course, if your foot problem is biomechanical, stretches will only be beneficial in the short term and orthotics are your best bet!

Now you know why to stretch the muscles in your foot- visit our website to learn the stretches. And if you think you may need orthotics or more footcare or athletic foot advice, give us a call at 519-624-4122!

Happy Stretching!

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