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Cuboid Syndrome

    We see many patients that report foot pain.  Some types of pain, such as heel pain, can have fairly obvious causes, such as plantar fasciitis. Other types of pain are less obvious, such as pain along the outside of the foot, which could have many potential causes.  Runners and athletes are generally more susceptible to these sorts of injuries but they can also happen in the general population.  Let’s take a look at some of the causes of lateral heel pain.

Cuboid Subluxation

    A subluxation occurs when a bone partially dislocates from its position within a joint, and commonly occurs to the cuboid bone. The cuboid bone sits just in front of the calcaneus and this joint can become disarticulated, causing a great deal of pain.  Another name for this condition is Cuboid Syndrome.

Signs and Symptoms

    This condition tends to occur in over-pronators, or individuals with flat feet, and can be aggravated by insufficient footwear or overpull of the peroneus longus muscle.  Pain from this condition can occur over time or very suddenly. It can radiate to the front or middle of the foot and often, the first steps of the day are the worst step so the day.


    The good news is, although this condition can be difficult to diagnose, it is very treatable. The most common and effective treatment is manipulations. Manipulations involve rapid movements of a joint beyond their range of motion. In the case of cuboid syndrome, they can be helpful for returning the cuboid bone to its normal position.  Other treatments include rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE) therapy, hydrotherapy, stretches , exercise and orthotics to correct underlying biomechanical problems. Usually cuboid syndrome will heal with time and a break from activity.

If you think your outer foot pain could be due to Cuboid Syndrome, give us a call at 519-624-4122.  We can help!

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