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Fall is almost here and that means shifting gears from sandals to close-toed shoes, and for many women this can result in the development of foot injury, painful corns or callus, or heel pain. Every year, runways and magazines report the most “fashionable” footwear for the season, and stores follow suit by stocking their shelves with these latest trends. While much of the 2014 fall footwear we are seeing in stores is fashionable and pretty, some of it will wreak havoc on your feet!  Here at Achilles we are realistic- we know that many women need to wear professional footwear to work. That’s why we’ve decided to evaluate the trends and let you know which ones are better than others, and the footwear you should simply avoid. As an aside, please note that none of these shoes are considered orthopedic or ideal for your feet, but if you must wear them, there are winners and losers within the bunch.

 The Fall Fashion Losers

  Knee and Thigh-high boots

Boots that cover the knee reduce mobility in that joint, and in case you weren’t aware, proper knee function is a critical component of the human gait cycle. Therefore people who wear these boots tend to alter their gait to compensate and this can lead to injury!

Sky-high stilettos

Stilettos (spiky heels) result in reduced balance and increased likelihood of falling. Also, high heels such as stilettos can actually shorten the Achilles tendon over time, resulting in pain when walking on flat ground or in flatter footwear- a problem you never want to have!


The latest footwear trend is flatforms, which are a combination of platform and flat, meaning that there is minimal arch support and the shoe is very rigid, resulting in poor foot mobility and altered gait.  Use of flatforms has led to ligament tears, ankle sprains and even breaks. These shoes are just plain dangerous. 

The Fall Fashion Winners

Chunky Heels

If one must wear heels, a chunkier heel is a better option because they provide better balance and reduce the likelihood of falls. Just be sure to vary heel height every day to prevent the Achilles tendon from permanently shortening.

Tomboy footwear

Think oxfords and Doc Martens. These shoes are generally flat, more supportive and well-cushioned. They can be made to look fancy as well, so they are a good option for professional women.


Wedges, unlike flatforms, follow the arch of the foot and therefore enable slightly better mobility than flatforms do, reducing risk of falls or injury. 

For additional footwear tips or for a footwear assessment call our office at 519-624-4122 or check out our website! Coming soon.

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