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Plantar Fasciitis

    Think you have heard all that you need to hear about heel pain? Well we are here to tell you that you probably haven't!  Plantar fasciitis occurs when the fascia, extending from the inner part, and back, of the bottom the heel to the toes, becomes inflamed. This inflammation occurs when there is a strain on the fascia. This can occur due to sports, or from standing for prolonged periods of time in inadequate footwear, or even from your underlying foot shape. For example, a person with a flat foot is more likely to develop plantar fasciitis.

Signs and Symptoms

    If you know anything about plantar fasciitis, you know that the most common symptom experienced is morning pain.  This is because as you sleep your fascia becomes tight, and as you first wake up and step on the ground, this rapidly forces the fascia into a stretched position, which is what causes the pain.


 There are so many treatment options for plantar fasciitis! We will go through them briefly: 

1. Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation: Good old fashioned RICE. Its on the list because it works.

2. Stretches: Specific stretches for the fascia can really help lengthen it and reduce pressure. Click here for more info!

3. Low Level Laser Therapy: Stimulates production ATP (energy) in the body which can help to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing.

4. Orthotics: Provide long-term relief for the underlying biomechanical problems causing the plantar fasciitis.

5. Ultrasound: Therapeutic modality for increasing bloodflow to an area, enhancing wound healing and reducing inflammation.

6. Corticosteroid injections: Help to provide temporary relief from pain caused by plantar fasciitis

7. Footwear: Sometimes new shoes, with adequate cushioning and support are all that is needed to support plantar fasciitis.

8. Taping: Taping the foot with sports tape in a specific manner by an expert can assist with pain relief temporarily and help to promote healing.

As you can see there are many, many options when it comes to your plantar fasciitis. Call today to book an appointment to learn more about how we can help. Also, you can click here to order our free booklet on the subject and learn more about heel pain!

Happy Monday! 

By Douglas C. Broad, D.Ch
August 18, 2014
Category: Heel Pain

For the last several summers Cambridge has been part of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraising event. It’s quite a sight to see men decked out in shorts or slacks, ankle socks, and red high heels, walking a few blocks through town to raise funds for building “an equal and tolerant community” for all women. We bet that there are a few sore heels out there at the end of the walk, but heel pain can have many causes other than wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Common Causes 

The most common culprit is plantar fasciitis, an injury to the tendon that supports your arch. When damaged, this tendon pulls against the heel bone where it is attached and is quite painful. Another common reason your heel hurts is Achilles tendinitis. This is an inflammation at the back of your foot where the Achilles inserts into the heel bone. A ruptured Achilles will also be very painful, as well as limiting your activity.

If you are a woman and wear high heels a lot, it is possible you have developed a bump on the back of your heel called Haglund’s deformity. This can rub against your shoe and become red, inflamed, and painful. Stress fractures, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and diseases such as gout, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis are all possible reasons for heel pain.

What do you do when your heel hurts? You can ignore it and hope it goes away. Good luck with that! It’s a much better idea to come in to Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare in Cambridge, ON so that we can take a look at it. We can diagnose what’s causing your discomfort and find a way to ease your pain. Treatment may be as simple as getting rid of those red heels and wearing something with good support and cushioning. If you need a custom orthotic to give your feet what they need, we can do that, too. Call 519-624-4122 today and set up an appointment. You can also reach us through our contact information online.


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