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By Douglas C. Broad, D.Ch
June 02, 2014
Category: Orthotics

Orthotics for Diabetic FeetLife isn't always sweet, just ask someone with diabetes. Even in its earliest stages, this disease may result in neuropathy or lack of sensation in your feet, which makes proper footwear a crucial part of the treatment process. You can help prevent serious complications by asking Achilles Custom Orthotics and Footcare aboutorthotics for diabetic feet. Though your life may not be like a box of chocolates, you could get your hands on a box of custom shoe inserts, pads, or braces.

It's essential that your footwear relieves your feet of excessive pressure. Too much localized pressure in one area could lead to skin breakdowns and ulcers. Your shoes should also stabilize and support deformities that may have occurred, such as Charcot foot or hammertoe. A custom orthotic provides all of this and more!

Orthotics for diabetic feet accommodate your changing limbs, decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and result in a more stable and functional foot. Foot pads and shoe inserts are placed on the sole of the shoes to treat complications such as flat feet, toe pain, and arthritis. They range from rigid to soft, depending on your condition, and can be custom-fitted to the unique shape of your feet. Ankle braces, on the other hand, must be put on before fitting into a shoe. Braces are used to treat ankle arthritis, foot drop, and tendonitis.

Caring for diabetic feet and proper footwear go hand-in-hand. Custom orthotics will help to correct your stance, provide cushion and support, and prevent serious foot complications. We offer both soft and rigid models. Together, we can find the modification that works for you! Call Chiropodist Douglas Broad at Achilles Custom Orthotics and Footcare at (519) 624-4122 to set up your fitting today!

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