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October 27, 2015
Category: General Foot Care
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Many often wonder why we spend so much time talking about systemic diseases when they don’t seem to have anything to do with feet whatsoever. What you may not realize is that many systemic  diseases can have effects on mobility, skin integrity and more. Further, lots of systemic issues present first in the foot, so in many cases, a chiropodist is the first person to notice when something bigger could be going on.

One example of a condition that can have effects in the foot is lupus. Lupus is a fairly common connective tissue disease in which the main initial symptoms are extreme fatigue, generalized fever, photosensitive (sun-related) rashes and polyarthralgia (joint pain).  Lupus, being systemic, can have a pretty profound effect on all body systems and is connected to other disease processes such as atherosclerosis, kidney failure, alopecia (hair loss), anemia and greater susceptibility to infection.

Lupus also has a major impact on the feet. What can begin as simple aches and pains for patients can become debilitating.  Patients sometimes come into our office barely able to walk. Some lupus patient’s feet are extremely cold, and turn blue frequently which can be alarming. Vasculitis, or swelling of blood vessels can lead to open wounds on the lower limb in lupus patients.  So how do we manage these many different presentations of lupus in the foot?

Lupus and the Foot 

With lupus, footcare is mostly palliative. Patients are advised to protect the fragile skin on their feet and report to us with any lesions. So what may be a simple blister for you or me can be a nightmare for a patient with lupus. Patients are also fitted with accommodative, cushioning orthotics. Patients may require local wound care as well, depending on the severity of vasculitis and arterial disease.  Overall we have seen firsthand the benefits of seeking podiatric care when diagnosed with this condition. The sooner symptoms are managed in the foot, the greater the longterm mobility outcomes.

If you have any of the foot problems discussed here today, give us a call at 519-624-4122! You never know, it could make the difference between walking in pain, or walking pain-free.

Happy Tuesday! 

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