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October 10, 2014
Category: Skin Care
Tags: Flat Feet   callus   Corns  

“Ouch, my feet hurt!” is a complaint that we hear on a daily basis from many of our patients here in Cambridge.  On examination, many of these patients present with corns or calluses. For those of you who are unaware, corns and calluses are areas of thickened skin, which is also known as hyperkeratosis. Specifically, a callus is a diffuse area of thickened skin, while a corn is a small localized area of thick skin in which a deeper nucleus is present. Much of the time, calluses and corns do not cause pain- they simply occur due to the wear and tear of everyday life. However, once in a while, corns and callus become pathological; that is, they become painful and can disrupt mobility.

So why do we get corns and calluses?

There are some specific health conditions which can predispose a patient to developing painful corns and callus, some of which may include:  foot deformities like claw toes, hammertoes or bunions, diabetic neuropathy, and arthritis. Often, though, calluses and corns arise from a patient’s natural foot type. An example of a foot type is “flat feet,” also known as pes planus, which occur in a certain proportion of the population, and can also cause pain. Because the flat foot contacts the ground differently than a foot with a more defined arch, a flat foot can lead to the development of pathological callus. There are many different foot types, or mechanical problems can predispose an individual to  callus and corn development.

How are callus and corns treated?

There are a few options for treating corns and calluses. The most common method involves routine debridement of problem areas. A chiropodist will use a scalpel to cut off the painful thickened skin. This does not cause the patient any pain. In general, a patient will have to return for debridement every 6-8 weeks. Alternatively, if calluses and corns are developing due to a mechanical problem, then orthotics may represent a more long-term and effective treatment option. Orthotics are in-shoe devices that can help correct faulty foot mechanics that lead to the callus developing in the first place. Finally, reducing callus and corns may be as simple as changing footwear. Footwear that is too tight, lacks the appropriate depth, or causes pain in any way can lead to callus and corn development.

To end the cycle of callus development, call our office at 519-624-4122 – our Chiropodist can help! 

By Douglas C. Broad, D.Ch
May 27, 2014
Category: Flat Feet

Orthotics to Help Flat FeetAre your feet tired of waiting for the weather to warm up? They may be aching for a vacation, to feel the sand between their toes and the bliss that comes with wearing airy sandals. However, make sure the aching stops there. Before you retreat, think about how walking during your weekend getaway will affect your arches—or lack thereof. If you decide to head to the sunny south, consider your flat feet and orthotics.

Flat feet don’t normally cause problems, but they can put more stress on other parts of your body when they overpronate. When you’re walking long distances to get to the beach, the next tourist store, or the seafood restaurant, any extra pressure can be magnified. You might start to feel pain in your ankles, arches, calves, knees, hips, and back because your feet are rolling inward too much.

Now that you get the picture (and it’s not a pretty one) it would be a good time to think about custom orthotics. These rigid supports will keep you from overpronating. At Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare, we can create some added comfort that will slip right into your shoes, prevent your ankles from rolling in, and give you fast relief.

If you decide to get a shoe insert from the store, remember that orthotics cannot magically give you an arch. In fact, a thick-arched insert will only hurt your feet, since your structure isn’t designed for that. Look for a design with a deep heel cup to control motion, a slight arch to better direct pressure, and some metatarsal pads to cushion the stress on the front of your foot. Our custom orthotics are a better option—designed for your particular feet. Before your vacation, you’ll want to make sure that your flat feet and orthotics work together. Break them in by gradually increasing the amount of time you wear them.

If you have painful flat feet, schedule an appointment at Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare in Cambridge, ON, by calling (519) 624-4122. We can give your feet a “vacation” from any strain or pain!

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