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By Dr. Douglas Broad
June 27, 2014
Category: Diabetes

Clipping Toenails with CareIf you have diabetes, you are more susceptible to foot problems, since the disease can damage nerves and impede blood flow to your feet. Daily foot care is vitally important, and that includes keeping your toenails clean and trimmed. Your nails help protect your toes, but if not cared for properly, they can cause more harm than good. Untrimmed toenails could produce sharp edges that pierce your skin, and even the smallest cut can open the door to infection with serious consequences. So, grab some clean clippers and use the following tips for trimming diabetic toenails.

You might think the best time to trim is right after you bathe, when the nail is nice and soft, but that is not so. They are more likely to tear when wet, so wait for them to dry out. Cut the nails straight across. If you follow the natural curve of your nail, it could cause an ingrown toenail which can lead to a dangerous infection. So keep it straight! If there are any rough edges, gently smooth them with an emery board. Never cut your cuticles. You could easily cut your skin. If you’re not confident with your skills and you’d rather not chance it, make an appointment with Chiropodist Douglas Broad. He’d be happy to trim your toenails for you, and help you with any of your other diabetic foot care needs.

Besides trimming diabetic toenails properly, you should also keep a close eye on how they look. A healthy nail should be smooth and slightly pink. If you notice thickness or brittleness, or any discoloration, it could mean you have a fungal nail infection. If this is the case, you should seek help from Achilles Custom Orthotics and Footcare in Cambridge, Ontario. Call (519) 624-4122 or contact us online today.


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