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Lets talk Sports Medicine!

We have heard a lot about stretching and its importance both before and after exercise.  But have you ever been at the gym and noticed that most people walk for five to ten minutes on the treadmill before doing anything else?  This five minute warm up is actually very important for injury prevention- even in the feet!  Here are some reasons why:

A warm up:

Increases oxygen delivery to the tissues, even those far-away toes!

Getting the body into warm-up mode helps to increase heart rate, which in turn increases blood flow to the distal extremities- i.e. the toes! Blood carries oxygen and oxygen is necessary for normal functioning, healing and tissue regeneration, so increasing activity slowly to get that heart rate up before intense activity will help prevent injury in the long run.

Increases the elasticity of muscles

Muscles subjected to warm-up prior to vigorous exercise are pre-lengthened and are subjected to less damage and injury than those that are not warmed-up. Bottom line? Warm-up prevents over-stretch and tear of muscles.

Increases joint range of motion

This ultimately prevents injury by reminding the joints that they can move further than they are normally required to do during normal gait. By doing this slowly and gently prior to intense activity, joints are protected from overexertion.

Increases cardiovascular activity

As we mentioned earlier, increase CVS activity increases heart rate and circulation, which ultimately increases performance and aids injury prevention. But remember the heart is also a muscle and warming it up helps it to be better prepared for an intense workout. Increased blood flow also helps to clear metabolites. Metabolites buildup in muscles and cause cramps during activity if they aren’t adequately cleared.

We hope that this brief outline will convince you to warm up prior to your next hard workout! If you have any questions, or think your problems are more significant than warming up- call us at 519-624-4122! We can likely help! 



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