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Heel Pain Treatment Options in Cambridge, ONIt seems as if everywhere you look these days, someone’s running a 5K or a marathon. You might even be planning to run the 28th Annual Cambridge Times Rotary Classic on Sunday, May 25. The only problem: you have heel pain. In order to get to that trophy at the end, not to mention the delicious pizza, you’ll need be prepared with the right shoe support and adequate rest before the race. With those precautionary measures, staying active with heel pain won’t be as hard as you think.  

Heel pain’s most common cause, plantar fasciitis, is characterized by a sharp pain that you feel with your first steps in the morning. It could also happen after you’ve been sitting for a while. You could damage your plantar fascia—the tissue that joins your heel bone to your toes—during activities, like running or dancing, that put a lot of sudden impact on the heel. If you’re older, you’re prone to develop this condition over time.

The discomfort might go away temporarily, but it will come back. The best thing you can do is rest the area. You can also do some stretches to keep the area warmed up. If you’re used to long distance running or other intense activities, you might not be able to sit for long. If you feel the need to get out and exercise, try low-impact training like riding a bike, swimming, or hiking.

You’ll also need proper shoes to ensure that your problem doesn’t get worse. Look for a pair that cushions your heel and gives good arch support. At Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare, we can create custom orthotics by using our laser and contact scanner. Orthotics may work well for you, since they fit the exact shape of your feet.

Staying active with heel pain isn’t as hard as you think. Call Achilles Custom Orthotics & Footcare in Cambridge, ON, at (519) 624-4122 to get a customized pair of orthotics. You can also make an appointment request on our website, where we have more information on how we can serve you the best.

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