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Brrr, Its cold out there!

    Well, it is safe to say that winter is finally here. And for all of the runners in our area, this could mean transitioning from outdoor running on pavement to indoor running on a treadmill to avoid the added stress of frigid cold temperatures. However, because the mechanics of running on a treadmill versus running outdoors on pavement are very different, transitioning from outdoor to indoor running can lead to foot injury if not done properly.

    Basically, while running on a treadmill, feet run parallel to the belt and this is not entirely natural. Therefore, when transitioning to the treadmill after running outdoors, the tendons and ligaments of the leg and foot experience abnormal strain, which is what will cause the injury. There are some basic rules which can help with the transition:

  Transition from outside to inside gradually

Increase indoor workouts (i.e. replace outdoor workouts) by only 10-20% per week. So, if someone is running four ten-kilometer runs per week (for a total of 40 km), they would run only 8km indoors on the treadmill the first week. A slow transition to a treadmill is the best way to prevent injury from doing so.  

Vary the workout:

There is natural variation in incline and surface texture of the pavement outdoors, which places different demands on the muscles and ligaments of the lower limb. When running on a treadmill, we tend to get into an autopilot mode of running and this can lead to injury.  Try to modify the workout by using the preset modalities which may include hill training or speedwork because changing it up can prevent injury.

Wear the correct shoe:

Inappropriate footwear is a common cause of injury and foot problems, and we see it pretty consistently in our office.  When running inside on a treadmill, the stresses are placed slightly differently than when running outdoors and this can necessitate different footwear depending on the underlying foot abnormalities which may already exist.  Finally, footwear should never be old. Those old indoor gym sneakers you have been using for cross training are not ideal when trying to transition your outdoor running indoors!

If you would like to learn more about footwear or orthotics for running, give us a call at 519-624-4122. We can help you maintain your edge while running indoors this winter!

Happy Running! 


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