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    We talk a lot about "Pes Planus" or flat feet on the blog, but what about "Pes Cavus”, or a high- arched foot? The truth is, in general, flatter arches are more common within the population, and we see many more patients with a flat arch than a high arch, so that is probably why we discuss flat feet more on the blog! However, that said, high-arched feet, when they do occur, can cause sore feet and callous formation, and can lead to mobility issues down the road.  

    So what are common causes of high-arched feet? Often, arches are the product of genetics, and therefore we are born with them and they often don't change. However, occasionally, we see individuals with specific neuromuscular conditions that can affect the height of the arch, as well as mobility. Some of these conditions include Charcot-Marie Tooth disease, Polio, or Spina Bifida. Sometimes, cavoid feet are the result of biomechanics, and can occur due to weakened peroneal muscles, or spasticity of the posterior tibial muscle. Regardless of the cause of the problem, the effect of a heightened arch can cause some serious problems with pain.

    Some of the more common problems we see are severe callous formation under the left and right sides of the feet, and on the bottom of the heel. These can be very painful, high-pressure areas, and can become ulcerated, particularly in Diabetics.  We also see clawing of the toes and bunion formation, which can make finding accomodative footwear very difficult. Other problems we see are neuroma or bursitis formation.  In runners, we see inversion ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis. 

    Clearly, there are a number of problems associated with having high arches, and these tend to cause our patients a lot of stress! Often the solution is to provide comfort and relief to painful high-pressure areas, reduction of painful callous and improvement of tissue viabilty, and provision of accommodative footwear or orthotic management.

    If you think you have a high-arched foot, and that this could be a source of your foot pain, give us a call at 519-624-4122 because with an accurate biomechancial assessment, we can get you back on your feet and feeling much better!


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