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    One of the most enjoyable aspects of running a chiropody practise is that in general, most people leave your office feeling better than they did when they first came in. If the patient came to see you with an ingrown toenail, a plantar wart, or painful nails, corns or calluses, chiropodists have several tools at their disposal which can make the patient feel better right then and there. The most common reason for regular visits to a chiropodist is for what we refer to as routine nailcare. Now, if you are an active and healthy person you are probably wondering why on earth anyone would need someone to cut their nails, and even further, why does this require the help of a professional

    Well, there are many different reasons why a patient may require assistance with their nailcare, but two of the most common types of patients are individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, and senior citizens. This week’s blog post will focus on why diabetics are at greater risk for foot problems than the average individual, and next weeks blog post will focus on why seniors may require assistance with their feet.

    People who suffer from Diabetes produce either no insulin (Type 1) or are considered insulin-resistant (Type 2). Insulin is an important hormone responsible for regulation of blood glucose levels. Therefore, Diabetics must be very vigilant about their sugar intake.  High blood glucose levels can lead to a multitude of problems, including a nerve condition known as diabetic neuropathy, which refers to a lack of sensation, and often affects the toes of the feet first. Without sensation, diabetics may not notice cuts or pressure points on their feet, and this can make using sharp instruments such as nail clippers dangerous. Additionally, high blood glucose also results in slow wound healing processes.  This puts Diabetics at an increased risk of infection.

    Many diabetics come to a chiropodist for a diabetic foot screening, nail care, callus debridement and general maintenance.  Because a Diabetic may not notice if they stepped on a sharp object or cut themselves, it is critical that any person with diabetes undergo routine footcare with an expert.

    If you have Diabetes, and aren’t sure if footcare is something you require, give us a call at 519-624-4122 and we can book you in for a foot screening which will help us to better meet your needs. 


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