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November 03, 2014
Category: General Foot Care
Tags: Gout   Toe pain   Foot pain   metatarsalgia  

Hi Friends,

Well, its safe to say summer is really, really over. With winter, for whatever reason, we seem to see more patients with Gout. Lots of people have heard of gout, but many people do not know what it is.  

Simply speaking, gout is an inflammatory condition caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals within a joint.  Uric acid is the byproduct of purine metabolism, and purines are found in various foods, and necessary for a healthy body. However, sometimes individuals either trouble excreting uric acid, or they are getting too many purines, overwhelming their natural control mechanisms. 

Gout often affects the big toe, and is rarely found elsewhere. A gouty attack starts as an acute, painful, red, hot and swollen joint and can lead to loss of function. Men are significantly more likely to develop gout than women, particularly those over fifty years of age.  Once someone has an initial attack they are highly likely to have a recurrence. Eventually gout can even become chronic and lead to the development of deformities and secondary osteoarthritis.

Because it can become chronic, gout needs to be managed early on.  Some research shows that gout can be prevented through changing nutrition and reducing alcohol intake. Purines are found in meat sources and therefore reducing the amount of meat one consumes may help prevent gouty attacks and increase the length of time between attacks. Further, maintaining an adequate level of hydration (at least eight glasses of water per day) and reducing alcohol intake can also help with prolonging the onset of an attack. Once an attack is starting, taking ibuprofen immediately can terminate it and also help to manage pain.

Finally, orthotics and appropriate footwear advice will really help manage pain associated with gout, and can be of assistance during an attack as well. If you think you have gout, give us a call at 519-624-4122. We can help develop a management plan to prevent future attacks and keep you mobile and healthy!


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