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    Many of our patients who come in are parents, or parents-to-be. Often these patients are surprised to learn that we have expertise in pediatric gait analysis.  Why might a parent be concerned about their child’s walking pattern you ask? Well there are plenty of reasons we see these patients. One of the most common reasons we see a young patient is because according to parents, the child "walks funny." The other common reason might be that a child has not started to walk within what is considered a typical time frame, causing concern for the parents. 

    Fortunately, even though gait problems may be cause for concern for a parent, often times they work themselves out without any medical intervention from us. Let’s look at the most common reasons we see pediatric patients: in-toeing.


    This form of gait occurs when the child walks with the toes pointing inward. This may lead to the child having trouble running, tripping frequently and complaining of lower back pain and muscle pain. This can occur for a number of reasons, but usually happens when one of the bones of the leg develops atypically. It can also occur due to muscle deformity. A biomechanical assessment by a professional, such as a chiropodist, will help to determine the cause of the in-toeing. 

The good news about in-toeing is that often it is a problem that goes away on its own. Many practitioners monitor the child through development. Depending on the cause, exercise and stretching of the affected area may help. Splints and braces, and special footwear do exist, and can be of assistance in some cases. Finally, paediatric orthotics may help! Most of the time, parent reassurance is the major benefit of visiting a chiropodist if you have concerns about your child!

If you have concerns about the way your child walks, give us a call at 519-624-4122! A biomechanical assessment may be in order, and we are the people for the job! 


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