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What is CMT? 

Have you ever heard of Charcot Marie Tooth disease? CMT is a common inherited neuromuscular disorder that results in demyelination of the peripheral neurons. The major manifestation of this in the lower limb is a combination of muscle weaknessand spasticity.  What this means is that some muscles are overly active and other muscles do not fire or act the way that they should. The overall result of this debilitating condition is difficulty walking because of the muscle weakness, along with several signs and symptoms. Some of these include: numbness parasthesia and general loss of sensation, a very high arched- foot with limited motion, and muscle wasting and atrophy. In some rare cases, an individual will present with deformity in their hands as well.

So what can we do for someone with CMT? Some of our short term management options include debridement or reduction of callous that has become painful because of the foot deformity, padding to provide arch support and then pharmacological intervention as needed. Unfortunately, there is no effective medical management of this disease. Though intervention can be somewhat helpful, nothing will deter the progression of this condition.

Rarely, advanced cases may require surgical intervention to achieve joint mobilization. In the long term we can help the patient with orthotic management of their feet and investigate more complex in shoe devices such as ankle braces. 

If you have CMT and are stuggling with foot pain, give us a call at 519-624-4122! We can help get you on your feet again! 




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