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November 26, 2015
Category: Orthotics
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Bunions are a very common problem for both men and women. Not only do bunions hurt when they rub with footwear, but they can progress to the point where they lead to significant deformity. In fact, in severe cases, bunions can cause the entire joint of the big toe to dislocate. We want to avoid this! Here is what we can do for you and your bunions!

What Causes Bunions?

Unfortunately, there are many causes of bunions and sometimes these can be difficult to pinpoint. Causes include biomechanical fault, congenital deformity, genetic predisposition, environmental factors such as wearing inadequate footwear, disease, or a combination of these. Because bunions represent a bony deformity, the only true way to rid oneself of a bunion is surgically. Unfortunately, surgery wait times in Ontario are very long, recovery can be long and painful, and what’s worse is that unless the underlying biomechanical problem is corrected, there is a high risk for bunion recurrence. This is where your chiropodist comes in handy!

What Can we do for your Bunion?

Its simple, really. Biomechanical problems such as flat feet, faulty gait patterns, muscle tightness/weakness or joint hypermobility can all contribute to the development of a bunion, and further, can cause existing bunions to worsen. The goal for a chiropodist and your bunion is to reduce pain, prevent progression of deformity and reduce pressure spots caused by the deformity.  This is achieved three main ways:

  1. Orthotics, padding and strapping: all three of these modalities can alter foot mechanics, which can in turn reduce pressure on the foot and prevent progression of the bunion deformity
  2. Debridement of trouble callous: this can help reduce pressure areas, improve pain and prevent wounds and ulcers (this is particularly important if you have diabetes).
  3. Footwear education: you need an expert when it comes to footwear for bunions, plain and simple. What’s more, a chiropodist has the tools in office to make modifications to your current footwear to make instant changes to improve comfort


If you have painful bunions, you might benefit greatly from a visit to us! Call 519-624-4122 to find out more!



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