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Barefoot Running, Hype or Healthy? - Part II



This week we will conclude our discussion of running barefoot.. Last week, we investigated the potential advantages of running barefoot so this week we will discuss the cons.

Cons of Barefoot Running

-          In “forefoot strikers,” i.e. those runners who land on their forefoot while running, barefoot Rrunning can increase the load on the forefoot. This predisposes to injury of this area, particularly metatarsal stress fractures.

-          The muscles of the back of the leg work much harder while running barefoot and this predisposes to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, shin splints, Achilles tendinitis and other sprains and strains

-          The fat pad of the foot is subjected to 150% more pressure while running barefoot than in shoes, leading to concerns of fat pad atrophy which can lead to callus buildup or wounds in high risk individuals

-          The risk  abrasion, scratches, splinters and wounds is significantly higher in  barefoot running. In high risk individual such as diabetics, barefoot running can quickly lead to infection

After consulting the science and our conclusion is that there really is no concrete answer or solution to whether barefoot running can be beneficial! Therefore, every runner will have to make that decision individually. But having a foot exam can tell you if you have conditions or injuries which will make barefoot running harder on your feet. So, give us a call to learn more! 

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